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Customised Service

Whether you require one brick or the whole house we are able to assist! Our wide variety of services creates great flexibility by allowing you to customise what you require – or you can go the whole 26 miles and use our full package – you decide!

Race Marketing

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take! You need to be out there to be noticed!

Event Website

We enable your event on our great looking web platforms. Let our designers get you started with a great site to advertise your event. Every event needs a home on the web – does yours have one?

Email Campaigns

Select a variety of messages and databases to market your event to. Through our affiliations we have access to some of the largest databases in the country. From wide to niche campaigns – we assist with content and distribution.

Flyer/s Design & Distribution

Our in-house designers have all the skills to give your event a fresh and attractive visual appeal. Keep a unified theme throughout your event media in both print and digital format.

Race Office

Do you have a day time job? Then let us take care of the hassles in running a race office. We're pretty sure we can do it more effectively and cheaper than the value of your time!

Race Phone & Email

Let our dedicated race office field all your phone and email enquiries. No more constant interruptions and overflowing mailboxes from entrant queries.

Number Printing & Packing

We handle the design, printing and packing of your race numbers. Have your numbers delivered to your event in perfect order – with enough lead time we'll personalise them at no charge! Full colour or black and white – the choice is yours!


With our innovative courier options your entrants have the ability to receive their race packs direct to their door. No more race day stresses and far less congestion make for happier runners.

Race Day Services

When the mad rush of Race Day arrives, you want people who know what they are doing and ensure that the runners experience a seamless day.

Number distribution

Our staff are experienced in this area making collection and allocation of numbers quick and easy. Reduced time in queues makes for happier runners.


Fast, accurate results using ChampionChip technology. Same day online results – GUARANTEED. Want live results? We can do that too! In today's times to wait a day for results is a day too long!

Entry taking

Tired of sending the roster around the club to get people to take entries at other races? Let us handle it. With a centralised entry taking facility at medium to larger events we take the entry system to the people allowing for easy entry process at other race days.

List Your Race

Would you like to get your race exposed? This is the right place to start. List your race on our race calendar and get exposed immediately – 1 easy form and you're A for Away!

Add My Event

Need Help With Your Project?

Call us and let us know where you're at! We'll provide value in any of these stages.

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How Our Work Will Unfold Together

When it comes down to it, great work happens when groups of people put trust in each other. PeakTiming is committed to excellence and strives to build great relationships with our clients.

Effective Methods

It's not enough to have a process and team of experts. Great teams know how to adjust their tactics with tools that make the job easier and more enjoyable.

Flexible Process

Not all projects need a rigid plan or need to be cookie cutter. We'll customize our projects to get you the best end result based on your needs.

Business Focus

PeakTiming is goal oriented, so our work revolves around a common set of objectives. It's not enough for us to create seamless process for race events—we want our work to drive business results.

User Centric

PeakTiming loves working with customers and racers on a regular basis.

Measured Collaboration

We use techniques to involve team members when it matters most. Collaboration happens best when everyone has put time into understanding the clients needs and doing the work. In each project, we find the right balance of doing, collaborating, collecting feedback and presenting to help teams push ideals forward.

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